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About us


We are brand that is dedicated to providing delicious Halal Cheeseboards, Grazing Platters, Antipastos & Mezes.
Envision a collection of mouth watering ingredients that compliment different flavours,textures & aromas. 

Know that our boards are so much more than just a medley of delicious food, we take great pride in how each ingredient is hand-picked to ensure an overall ensemble that is as much a feast to the eyes as it is a feast in itself. You & your guests would gravitate towards your well decorated table with Nomad's Soiree as its centrepiece. 

Speaking of guests, what's good food if you have no one to share it with? Nomad Soiree's boards are meant for you & your loved ones to share happy memories with. Make every occasion, meal or event or exquisite: make it a Soirée, with the services of Nomad’s Soirée, the quintessence of savouring the Moment. 
With Love,
Shahib & Siti